My Fair Lady ... why this name?
Because we think that what makes a winning woman is not beauty but the charm given by that special allure.
Our group helps women to acquire that refined, unique 
Italian Style that enables them to be at the top 
in every situation.
Helping you to learn: HOW TO USE MAKE UP - depending 
on your age, profession or different circumstances.
HOW TO CREATE YOUR OWN STYLE - how to move gracefully on
low or high heels, how to dress for each occasion and look natural, 
how to create your own special look.
HOW TO BE UP TO EVERY EXPECTATION, BON TON at work, meeting people, at home organizing a lunch, dinner or a party, dressing a table, teaching your maid or valet how to serve at table and deal with guests, etc.

We are here to teach you those little secrets that  make people say what a woman of class you are!